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Back off, this is my toy!!!

Otters are relatively social but if you have never had the habit to keep an eye on your camera, this is the reason to start. When they catch a prey- in this case a camera, they eat it on the run if it is small enough. If they need to grip it while they eat it, they usually go to a log where they can sit and eat, but I think they will not like the taste : )

this is my toy 1 Back off, this is my toy!!!photo source

But why are they so interested in it?
Otters spend a substantial amount of time grooming, and many species of river otters have designated areas on land for drying and grooming their fur. Researchers have observed sea otters spending at least 11% to 48% of their day grooming.  They think that will be nice to have couple photos from this event.

this is my toy 2 Back off, this is my toy!!!photo source

Each species has its own underwater niche and habits. Some like the bullhead, a favorite of otters, sleeps in the day, and otters nose along pond bottoms to catch them in the daylight, while some just love to take pictures.

this is my toy  Back off, this is my toy!!!photo source

this is my toy 3 Back off, this is my toy!!!photo source



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