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Cute little fawn Rupert

After she was hit by a car pregnant female deer, she had severe head, jaw and pelvic injuries. Sadly despite expert care, her injuries were too severe and she would not recover from them, and so the vet decided the kindest thing would be to put her to sleep. As her pregnancy was so far advanced, the decision was taken to give her unborn fawn a chance. The little fawn Rupert was delivered by Caesarean section.

cute deer  Cute little fawn Rupert Rupert was very premature and taken immediately into intensive care. He was placed into an incubator with an oxygen supply and heat, and a soft vet bed so make him comfortable.He was determined to be around 2 – 3 weeks early and his eyes were not open. Deer’s eyes are open by the time they are born naturally.

cute deer 1 Cute little fawn Rupert He was unable to suckle initially and so was fed by tube initially with colostrum to mimic the protective feeds he would have received from his mother.

cute deer 2 Cute little fawn Rupert

cute deer 3 Cute little fawn Rupert

cute deer 4 Cute little fawn Rupert

cute deer 5 Cute little fawn Rupert source:  sttiggywinkles.org.uk



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