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Cheap Ways to spend New Years

Virtually every Country celebrates the coming of a New Year, with thousands of parties and firework evenings being held every year all over the globe. Family and friends get together to countdown the final moments of the year, remembering the good and bad that it brought. Huge gatherings of revellers congregate around the Cities of the World waiting for the celebrations to peak at the stroke of midnight!

cheap new year 1 Cheap Ways to spend New Years

We are of course forever hopeful, that next year will bring us better luck, money or health. Each year we make our New Year’s resolutions, promising to be kinder, eat less and maybe spend less too. Only for them to be broken a couple of weeks later…

But what if you can’t afford to travel far this New Year or only have a tiny budget to spend on celebrations this year?

If you are considering going away somewhere like this for New Year, don’t forget your mountain equipment!

With all the excesses of Christmas hitting us where it hurts this year… namely out wallets, most of us are looking for much cheaper things to do this New Year.

Of course the vast majority of us will be staying at home watching all the festivities on the TV. Popular shows are Jools’ Annual Hootenanny 2011 on BBC 2 here in the UK or across the pond in America, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve on  the ABC channel, which is fine if you want to watch TV all night!

But it doesn’t need to be that way, there are loads of great things to do while keeping your finances firmly under control this New Year

So here are some ways to spend New Year on a budget…

At Home…

If you’ve had enough of the hustle and bustle of Christmas with family and friends, why not curl up on the sofa with a few fancy snacks and a bottle of wine. New Year’s Eve TV isn’t all that bad, but if you can’t stand it…hire a movie!

cheap new year 2 Cheap Ways to spend New Years

Family Get Together

Try catching up with family you didn’t see over Christmas. Prepare plenty of yummy food and grab some delicious wine for a feast to remember.Then settle down for coffee and a chat with your nearest and dearest afterwards…

A slower more relaxed New Year’s Eve might be just what you all need!

cheap new year 3 Cheap Ways to spend New Years

Romantic Dinner For Two

Ship the kids of to the Grandparents for the night and enjoy a quiet meal in for a change with your partner. There are loads of lovely recipes for romantic dinners for you to try, or why not sneak off for an early night with a bottle of chilled Champers and your favourite box of chocs!

cheap new year 4 Cheap Ways to spend New Years

B&B or Hotel For The Night

After being cooked up at home most of Christmas, why not search on the Net for last minute cheap deals on Hotel or B&B’s for a quick getaway. For either the two of you or even the whole family, there is bound to be something fairly locally. What a better way to spend New Year, in different surroundings…

cheap new year 5 Cheap Ways to spend New Years


I know, I know…It’s too could I hear you say! But camping can be so much fun in the winter, you just have to wrap up warm and take the correct things with you. Just imagine the beautiful starry nights and colourful glorious sunrises.The crisp winter weather is perfect for leisurely strolls before heading to the nearest pub to get warmed up!

Also remember to tell family where you are going and when you are coming back for safety reasons…

cheap new year 6 Cheap Ways to spend New Years

Backpacking And Climbing

For all those that love a bit of adventure, why not go backpacking or mountain climbing and kick start the New Year!

Please remember to pack the correct and plenty outdoor clothing...this is not for the faint hearted or inexperience, especially not in freezing cold winter weather! Take your camera too as there will be plenty of stunning views to capture!

cheap new year 7 Cheap Ways to spend New Years


How about doing something for those less fortunate in the New Year?

Homeless shelters and soup kitchens are always happy for people to help out on cold winter nights, plus there is nothing better than the feeling of doing a good deed. So start the New Year as you mean to go on!

cheap new year 8 Cheap Ways to spend New Years


Why not head of to a neighbours party, instead of fobbing them off for another year…Get your glad rags on, take a small pressie for the host, like chocolates and maybe a bottle of wine to add to there table of drinks. Grab a drink and get mixing!

And if no one has invited you, create your own. Ask those invited to bring a bottle and maybe a dish of party food. That should keep costs to a minimum.

cheap new year 9 Cheap Ways to spend New Years

Take In A Show

Look out for local people or bands putting on shows in your area. These tend to be cheaper as they are less well know bands or local charity theatre groups putting on the shows. Which doesn’t mean they are not worth a watch…

cheap new year 10 Cheap Ways to spend New Years

And If In Edinburgh

Don’t miss the Edinburgh Hogmanay Street Party, there is lots to see and do. From Concerts to fireworks there is something for both young and old alike, so take the whole family. What better way to spend £20 at New Year!!

cheap new year 11 Cheap Ways to spend New Years

Hope this gives you all some ideas, so what is stopping you this year? Go and enjoy yourselves before work starts again in January!

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