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10 Of The Craziest Nail Designs

There is no denying that nails are hot business right now. Lately it seems a look is not complete without your nails being painted to match your outfit and this trend is rising and showing no signs of waining any time soon. Magazines are constantly reporting the latest colours for the season and nail care products such as cuticle oil, hand and nail cream, nail polish and nail strengtheners to look after your nails are becoming a huge industry.

Craziest Nail Designs  10 Of The Craziest Nail DesignsCraziest Nail Designs 1 10 Of The Craziest Nail Designs

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Celebrity endorsement is also helping nail design to be the hot new accessory. Katy Perry recently received a lot of publicity for her nails which had Russel Brand (her now husband) on them and the likes of Beyonce, Rhianna and Lady Gaga have recently been photographed sporting the new Minx nails trend. This resembles a kind of armour for your nails which comes in a variety of metallic, hundreds of standard designs and graphics, plus Minx can be customised with any pattern or photo.

Craziest Nail Designs 2 10 Of The Craziest Nail Designs

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Rihanna Minx Nails 221x300 10 Of The Craziest Nail DesignsSo it seems gone are the days where we would do our own nails or even go in simply for a manicure. lady gaga just dance 150x150 10 Of The Craziest Nail DesignsLately it seems that the crazier the nail designs are the better. From leopard print to faces on our nails we are experimenting with It all. However, it seems like even though we are just catching up to this trend another is already on the horizon. Forget animal print or funky colours that is nothing compared to some of the sheer crazy nail designs that are now appearing. Just be sure to have applied your lipgloss before trying these girls as you need pretty long talons to pull these off!

Garden Nails

 10 Of The Craziest Nail Designsphoto source

Now, I cant even imagine how long these nails would have taken to complete but i’m guessing a while from the unimpressed look on the girls face for starters! These nails are more like a piece of art with the intricate detail on the flowers. I can’t imagine how she is going to do the housework like that though.

Faces on Nails

faces nail art 10 Of The Craziest Nail Designs

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This design showcases serious artistic talent. The intricate detail and the likeness of the subjects is incredible. So would you have your family and friends or a celebrity you adored sketched on your nails? If so just be sure that you are patient enough to be the subject as no moving is allowed for what i’m guessing is a while.

Christmassy Nails

Christmassy Nails 10 Of The Craziest Nail Designs

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Maybe splashing out for the holidays when it comes to your nails sounds like your kind of thing. Feel ultra festive with Santa and Rudolph looking up at you and get creative by wrapping your nail up like a present or a Christmas tree!

Under the Sea Nails

Under the Sea Nails 10 Of The Craziest Nail Designs

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So, I am trying to find something positive to say about these particular nails but to be honest I am just left a little speechless! I can appreciate that a lot of hard work has gone in to creating them but they are very weird. This person surely had to take them straight back off again but I do think the workmanship and creativity is brilliant! There is a definite obvious theme anyway.

Sweet Nails

Sweet Nails 10 Of The Craziest Nail Designs

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Sweet Nails  10 Of The Craziest Nail Designs

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Fancy hiding your hands under a brightly coloured cloth and attacking people when they reach in for what they believe to be the sweeties?! Well now you can have the perfect Halloween trick for next year! Fast food brands have also been drawn on peoples nails. The obvious downside being that every time you look down to admire them you are gonna become peckish!


Bridge 10 Of The Craziest Nail Designs

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Although undeniably beautiful and intricate I can‚Äôt help but think that again these would be a tad unpractical I mean how is she supposed to use her hands for the next week? Hence, in my humble opinion, opt for a crazy nail design that doesn‚Äôt tie your hands together and is well…less crazy!

Thai Art

Thai Art 10 Of The Craziest Nail Designs

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Nets, flowers, birds and leaves Рthese nails really do have it all! I’m sure of they had the time these nails could go on and on and on! I like that this woman is a little more practical and leave some fingers free on her hands so that she is able to feed herself for the next little while.

Red Rose Nails

nail art6 10 Of The Craziest Nail Designs

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This nail design depicts red roses that are growing up a vine and i’m absolutely confused at how this girl gets anything done with the sheer length of them and the fact that they seem to curl around almost 360 degrees rather than lying flat.

Icy Nail Design

Icy Nail Design 10 Of The Craziest Nail Designs

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I definitely would not be upsetting the proprietor of these icicle nails! The detail is exquisite and the design manages to remain pretty and delicate looking at the same time.

Japanese Nails

Japanese Nails 10 Of The Craziest Nail Designs

These have to be the longest and craziest nails of them all. Creating a banzai tree and a bird and balancing them on your nails must be extremely hard but these show true artistry. Still, I wouldn’t like all that plonked on my nails!

So there you have it, 10 of the craziest nail designs but will you be following this trend?


  1. danielleparkes!

    these are really nice, love the fast food ones. Think i might do that too my nails, nice work everyone who done them:), Godbless to y’all!xxxxx

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